Welcome to the Web site of Financial Literacy Is Essential, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving individuals' abilities to manage their own money by learning tools such as budgeting, balancing checkbooks, properly handling credit cards, learning to save, and other tasks that many have never been taught.

FLIE has a political purpose in educating the U.S. populace to strength our country's ability to maintain global economic power through proper management of our citizens' abilities to save and stay within their monetary "footprint."

FLIE believes that our country has been weakened by allowing our citizenry to mismanage personal finances and that we have educationally failed ourselves. It is FLIE's mission to encourage attention toward the power of good money handling techniques and how these individual tasks can make our country stronger and able to withstand the international global economy's destabilizing effects.

FLIE uses a variety of texts to accomplish these goals. A primary book that teaches the nuts and bolts of personal finance tasks is "Money Sucks! Money Strategies for Real Life." This is a slim volume, only 88 pages. Even so, it manages to cover a breadth of basic tasks such as creating a budget, balancing a checkbook, monitoring the safe of your identity, becoming a better shopper and even how to manage and update your employee tax forms, like the W-4 form.

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This is an example of the kinds of easy-to-use and understand books that FLIE uses to enhance understanding of personal finance tools and encourage their use.


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